Reiki with Dhyan ji is a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience. Reiki is a gentle none invasive healing art that involves channeling the “Ki” or life force energy in order to balance ones own being and others. It is a multi-level healing technique that acts to bring harmony and balance to the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and the mental state of being.  Reiki works to relax and de-stress both the practitioner and the recipient.


Reiki treatments can be from a 30 minute energy booster, to a full 60 minutes deep relaxation or a 90 minute reboot. These options enable you to fit Reiki into your life style as a part of your own mental health and wellbeing routine. 

” Dhyan you have helped heal me in so many ways, you are a wonderful light and a free spirit.” ~ Lisa R – Nurse 

Reiki healing helps you, the individual to connect to your highest wisdom and your own innate inner healing power.

” When living a mad and crazy life as many of us do in today’s’ society, we can become anxious and stressed, more like a human doings, not a human beings! My Reiki healing sessions with Dhyan , give me the chance to re-energise on a physical level when I don’t have time for a weekend away or a holiday, enabling me to re- enter my working day feeling revitalised and renewed. The sessions help me to re-remember who I AM, allowing healing time for my mind, body and spirit, she assists me in staying grounded in the midst of the hectic lifestyle that I tend to lead.” ~  Adele-Marie – Life Coach


If you have a medical condition, suffer with stress, depression or anxiety, Reiki can help you alleviate these symptoms.  The deep relaxation which occurs during a Reiki session helps to balance your body’s systems by creating a state of deep of meditation for your body. This relaxes your mind and uplifts your soul. Reiki can help anyone, especially those who are dealing with the side-effects of medication, it is considered very useful in the reduction of pain relief.

Reiki is a powerful and profound tool for the path of spiritual awakening and spiritual development. It enables the recipient over time to deepen in their body awareness and this new found awareness helps in all areas of their lives.

* Results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

Dhyan is a Reiki Master and has been sharing the gift of Reiki for over 23 years now. She has worked with 100’s of people and on occasions animals. She has helped people regain confidence in themselves, take back their power and heal themselves. Reiki works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit and it can help to bring balance and harmony into all areas of your life.

” Dhyan has used her extensive knowledge of Reiki healing plus her own impressive intuition over the past 6 months to provide me with a personable and truly uplifting healing experience. I would recommend her without hesitation.” – Dawn McG

SUNDAY SERVICE ONLINE 11AM BST (London Time) every Sunday. These events are born out of Dhyan’s earlier gatherings and her wish to create beautiful festivals and retreats filled with Meditation, Music, Love and Presence. Dhyan gathers together some amazing and inspirational people who she believes are on the cutting edge of creating the new earth. Her guests are filled with integrity and all have a common purpose to serve humanity and raise the vibration of the planet. She has brought them together to share their wisdom and truth with us all. These events are about reaching within and finding and expressing that love that we are. We all need time away to reconnect, recharge and create some space for ourselves. Life is for living, it is for celebrating and it is all for LOVE. ❤️


❤️Transforming your life. This is a process and it can take place in many different ways, but it generally involves you taking responsibilty for the way you live your life and living in a more conscious way.

❤️Connecting you to amazing people. Better relationships and improved health & well-being.

❤️Expanding your consciousness and a gradual reduction in the amount of mind chatter you experience.

 ❤️Knowing your purpose, really getting to grips with your skills, gifts, talents and abilities and using them to move you forward in your life.

❤️You will feel Empowered. You will leave with tools you need to help you through the next stage of your development.

❤️Understanding your limitlessness. An opportunity to experience your limitless nature and know your infinite being, to know your Self and help you take an active part in creating this new beautful world.

❤️You will begin to live in more freedom, through your heart, wth compassion and a deeper love for your Self and those around you.

” Every Time I come to one of your Utopia events I feel filled up with energy and Love ” – Trish B



As a spiritual teacher and guide Dhyan Ji will lead you into a deep dive of self exploration, like a strong wind she will clear away any obsessive thinking.  In these sessions people often experience a deeper sense of Self, connection and peace. Through her divine presence Dhyan Ji brings peace, stillness of mind and magic, helping souls remember who they are. She helps you to release what you no longer need and she holds the space for you to receive what you do need. She is a guide for truth and transforms your reality with her presence. She shows you how to live in true freedom, open to life and at the same time grounded in your spirituality. She is a source of reflection, she will enable you to look at yourself with fresh eyes and dissolve the false sense of identity which is the cause of your suffering. She strips back the layers of your conditioning and brings you fully present to the moment. She is here to bring light and help us align to deep truth at this time of awakening on the planet. She helps to nourish, energise and encourage you on your path and she will assist you in dissolving the problem you are facing. Her Darshan is extremely powerful and will help you release any blockages you are experiencing. Dhyan is a support, a guru of wisdom and a presence who guides you back to the source of serenity, sacredness, love, joy, inner peace and connection.

” Dhyan Ji radiates authenticity within every ounce of her being and almost instantaneously I saw my reflection pointing back at me. After going into the ‘story’ of what was holding me captive, she single handedly pointed out the simple fact that I had dismissed during meditation, ‘So, what did you say again, you became no body?’ In that moment everything dissolved, along with the false sense of identity that I was still grasping onto. I fully became awareness itself, embodying the truth that there is no beginning, middle or end, just the happening of now. It is the divine presence in which Dhyan holds that enables you to recognise your true Self in her, the Self before mind. The Self that is here, eternally, existing in the moment in and through every thing. Not separate from but as. That the I is a moving dance of creation spontaneously existing here. I now exist in full recognition of the One, not as a concept in which I was trying to mentally comprehend, but as an embodied state of Being. I fully recognise the Self as the Universe that always has and will be, there is absolutely no thing externally that can provide liberation other than the absorption into my very Being.” ~ Georgia R 2018

Many people have experienced profound inner transformation and healing through these deep dive One to One sessions. They are tailored to the individual, focusing on core areas such as Relationships, Work, Home and Health. Together we will look at these aspects and create a healing space for transformation, presence and an opening for change where ever it is needed. This is an opportunity to connect with your inner nature.

” I had been following Dhyan on facebook for quite some time, I felt I needed to meet her and I am so very glad that I now have. Together we have opened my mind to find out who I really am, the fog is starting to clear. Dhyan was everything that I thought she would be and far more, she made me feel so relaxed from the first moment I met her. I would highly recommend you meet her. I will be seeing her again as soon as I am able. Thank you Dhyan.” ~ KS 2016

Dhyan will lead you into the process of Self inquiry through stillness, silence and dialogue. Stillness is the foundation of our true nature and the space in which all else is experienced. Stillness is where the reality of our experience can be known and Satsang is an invitation into the here and now, which is not as we imagine it to be. Stillness expands our capacity to see what is and it dispels the minds chatter, enabling us to see reality with true clarity.

We will look at the fundamental questions that open up the space for inquiry. When we deeply explore these questions we find that there is an end to suffering and seeking and we are free to experience life just as it is.

Who am I?  What is my nature? What is here? What is always present?

This is an opportunity to come to know the Self for the very first time and recognise that knowing as home, as the truth of who we are. Self inquiry is the process of meeting ourselves in truth so as to truly know our divine nature. This may seem complicated, however it is the most natural thing in the world. It is our true state, our pure state, our original state of being.

” Dhyan facilitated deep inner inquiry. We sat in a sacred circle by candle light, in a peaceful place. Yes tears were shed, tears of sadness and joy. Dhyan needs cloning so many more people can experience this deep inner inquiry and release of emotions that no longer serve us. Dhyan thank you from the centre of my heart and soul for helping me Awaken, Awaken to Love. ” ~ Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE 2017
” I had a session with Dhyan Ji and I have to say it was one of the most beautifully peaceful, present and heartfelt sessions.. she has a way of helping you to awaken to realizations you may already know deep down but brings them out in such a way that is truly magical. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their soul awaken to the beauty that lies within.. such a wonderful experience! Thank you Dhyan . “
Jewels F 2018 

” Dhyan, how do I thank you? During my Darshan I released and then received exactly what I needed in that moment. I can not thank you enough for guiding me towards the truth! I still cannot find the words to describe the experience and transformation I went through and am still going through right now. It was an honour to meet your physical and non physical being and be in your presence. My soul appreciates you unconditionally. ”
Nikita JC 2017
” Dhyan’s Youtube channel has been a beacon of light in my life, she has shown me that we can live our life free, open to life and at one with my spirituality. Dhyan made me change my life for the better, I wasn’t always a good person, but because of her I changed my path, my energy and my whole outlook on life. ” ~ Mike D 2016

” I have followed Dhyan Ji’s unfolding with interest as her words resonate deeply within my awareness. Dhyan has a stillness and presence I have have witnessed in very few people. When we met and sat down it felt like I was lifted beyond this awareness into the presence of divine source frequency so powerful I could feel it flowing through me as if I was made of water. My frequency shifted higher and higher within minutes and I was unravelled more and more deeply by love as it wound into my soul without a word. Once I began to become accustomed to this frequency and we began to speak I was able to flow and open in Dhyan’s company as she sees me as I really am with no projections or expectations, just unconditional presence. I was able to ask some deep questions that have come up for me as my own experience has been profound over the last few months and has felt like a dying process as I unfold back to source. Dhyan held me in the space and every word was meaningful taking me to a deepr understanding of my experience and awareness. Our time together was so peaceful and I left feeling that there is nowhere else to be other than right here right now in the experience of divinity, and this simple truth is so freeing. Dhyan Ji is a beautiful creative soul shining out and helping to bring light and alignment to us in this time of shifting. Thank you for your love, honouring and light. ” ~ Susanne M 2017
” After reading about Dhyan Ji and her work .I arranged to visit her. Dhyan Ji was welcoming and embodied love,understanding and true compassion. She was able to offer guidance that helped lead me to a feeling of stillness and deep peace. The experience has helped nourish, energise and encourage me along the spiritual path. ” ~ Dene D 2018
” The thing I like about Dhyan is that she is real and gives you full attention if you choose to have a 1 to 1 session with her. She is a good listener and whatever you choose to say to her, she will then take you on a journey to help you (a) with whatever you’re facing and (b) in your awakening and becoming focused in the NOW. I was taken on a journey where I connected with people from my past and present, and it was very helpful. I would definitely recommend a session with Dhyan if you are committed to discovering who you really are.” ~ Andy B 2018
” Dhyan has helped me with my spiritual growth as I began to look for more meaning in my life. We first connected when I attended her “Awakening Love” day at Blisslands. I was a very reserved and anxious person at this time, however I felt so much love in the room that day that I came away having made so many deep connections with some beautiful souls. Despite not seeing many of these people again I still retain connections with them.
I have attended several of Dhyan’s Sacred Sister workshops and felt the group sessions have been extremely nurturing in developing my sense of self love and deep connection with myself and others. Over the last year I have received Darshan from Dhyan. My first experience was while I was staying in Arillas in Corfu where I had a deep spiritual experience. Afterwards my mind became void of chatter and it became completely quiet. For the proceeding two days my experience was of complete awareness and bliss. I felt a deep connection with those around me and an inner peace. I continued to receive Darshan from Dhyan on a frequent basis, however one significant instance was when I was in the process of experiencing a rapid Kundalini awakening. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe and that my physical body was undergoing immense stress. It was during this healing that I released this blockage and I let go of my emotions and just allowed whatever needed to come up to just be. I felt fully supported through this process, not only by Dhyan, but the other people in the group I had come to know. Dhyan has become not only a supportive guide, but a good friend with whom I can share so many of my transformational experiences with. I feel I can trust her implicitly with anything I have to say and her feedback reassures me that I am not alone in my experiences. It seems that despite the lack of understanding and awareness in the western world of spiritual transformation there are others who are having very similar experiences to mine.
Thank you Dhyan for sharing your guidance, understanding and friendship. I know that we will always be connected. We are one! ” ~ Karen McC 2018


” Dhyan ji has been and continues to be a divine support, a guru of wisdom and a presence who I trust completely during times of needed guidance to point me back to the source of serenity, sacredness, love, joy, peace and Harmony as ones own Self. Eternal gratitude for bringing this light and grace into being. Timeless love, thank you Dhyan Ji. ” ~ Sam F 2018
” I met with Dhyan Ji yesterday, I had had a difficult couple of weeks and felt stuck. I was laden down with imaginary fears, worries and a nasty headache. I have never felt such deep inner peace and connection, it was absolutely beautiful. I was present in the moment for the first time and it was (struggling for words that convey the feeling) incredibly light, warm, calm and it just was. The time flew by, my headache cleared and I left Dhyan with a lighter heart and a sense of truth I’ve never felt before. Thank you Dhyan. ” ~ Jacqui W 2017
” Dhyan Ji’s Darshan was so peaceful and full of love. It was just so easy to be in the space and in the now. My turn to sit in front of Dhyan and loving eye contact followed by Dhyan’s hand on my head. One word appeared and flowed through me filling my whole being ” surrender”. Rejoining the circle was even more peaceful as I felt at one with all. Thank you. Later in the afternoon Dhyan asked if I had let go yet. Wow we had really experienced heart felt communication with no words necessary. Love and Peace. ”
Tony J 2017
” Before Darshan with Dhyan Ji I felt like I was doing this path alone, walking along this journey of mine with only my mind as my partner. Meeting a being in ‘person’ who expressed all that I had been longing to hear penetrated deep into the heart. The presence and compassion that radiates from Dhyan has introduced a fresh momentum to opening up my own emptiness and beginning the reintroduction to the self that I had imagined I was apart from. Meeting up with those who share this thirst for truth has greatly helped in balancing the mind and opening the heart. I can not recommend Darshan enough to those who long for the freedom that cannot be shaken. I love and give my blessings to Dhyan and all of those who share this knowing. Thank you! ” ~ Sam F 2017
” 12 months ago I connected with Dhyan Ji on facebook. I watched her teachings and could really resonate with them, I felt I needed to go and see her, but it seemed too far way so I thought, until one day something really pulled me to her and I knew I had to go and see her in person. So I travelled down on the train with my friend and realised it was not that far at all to travel. I attended Darshan and what a life changing experience it was, I have been on the spiritual path all my life, but had come to a point where I felt stuck well the mind felt stuck. After the first Darshan with Dhyan I felt a lot of love, Peace and happiness. I started to see my life shifting and I continued to attend Darshan when I could. Since attending Darshan and being in the presence of Dhyan my life as transformed and is still transforming in front of my eyes. Most of my attachments in the world have dissolved, there is a feeling of Divine peace and eternal Love in me that embraces me all the time and looks after me, there is a full trust now in life knowing that life is abundant and beautiful. I am attracting amazing people into my life and I seem to have a greater knowing and wisdom. I live in the moment and every moment feels like a blessing. I walk around now filled with love and compassion that wants to reach out to everyone. I am so blessed to have met Dhyan and to be able to attend and receive Darshan from her. ” ~ Mathew S 2017

” Wonderful channeling allowing me to feel the words and embody their full meaning. Thank you! ” ~ Tony W 2017
” Today after following your instructions I was feeling very happy.. I was flying. Before I use to be very sad.. Always unhappy….My mind got cleared of all the negativity. You are great! Today I felt that nothing in this world is real, all are happenings, which can’t stop…Only love is real…Loving self….One who learn to love himself can love anything on the earth.. he or she does not hate anyone….The moment which I spend hearing your voice change everything inside me…..Best moment of my whole life……I am 37 years old still single.. Before your session I use to be upset looking my friends.. All have there love ones with them… And me living lonely life.. But you taught Me to love myself .. Which is a real love…..Thank you very much I am very happy. Today is my Birthday.” ~ MS 2015 
” Today I went to see Dhyan for guidance and help, as I was feeling “blocked”. Not only have I been suffering anxiety, but my health has been taking its toll too. There had been a lot of negativity around me which has been upsetting and painful. Dhyan listened attentively and was able to help me step aside from that negativity and just let it be without being all consumed by it. This immediately helped the pain ease. She helped me understand some things belong to other people and that I don’t have to take everything on. I learnt that these things were lessons and how to let go with love. She helped me to learn to meditate and we did a very relaxing mediation at the end of the session. I came away empowered and calm and I would recommend anybody who needs guidance to see Dhyan for reflection and light.” ~ Deborah B 2015


” I’d heard great things about Dhyan and went to receive some healing and to learn more about it. I found Amelia to be a lovely, welcoming person who I immediately felt comfortable with. She is absolutely guided in the healing she shares with people and it was nothing short of wonderful to spend time with her. She was able to tune into my energies perfectly and I received guidance, amazing awareness and messages from her that have been very important in my life. I would highly recommend Dhyan to anyone seeking to open spiritually ” ~ Fay H 2014
” A truely healing, grounding, awakening and blissful evening. I explained I was experiencing anxiety and had been feeling unsettled. Dhyan guided me to the silence and stillness within, which I continued to feel for some time afterwards and I was reassured by Dhyan it is always there! It was a privilege to be at the Satsang, it was inspiring, nurturing and healing and I felt a beautiful sense of stillness, peace and silence as well as magic and laughter! ” ~ GS 2016
” Thank you Dhyan for a beautiful experience of Love and Light. The Stillness and Silence gave me space to be myself and explore beyond the script we are always writing about who we think we are! A glimpse of the divine from our earthbound presence. ” ~ JS 2015
” I have worked with Dhyan on several occasions and I have always felt inspired yet fascinated by the path she is on, as I deepen my knowledge, understanding and practise, it became clear I too was on the same journey, and what an incredible one that is. Only when I decided “it was time” did I find myself at Dhyan’s sacred space, like a moth being led to light and unknown to me of what was about to happen. I sat and worked with Dhyan to discover what I was there for. The deep meditative work I did with Dhyan was outstanding, I was left speechless! Through Dhyan’s guidance and teachings I found myself in a complete state of bliss, present in the moment and ready to move forward with my new knowledge and understanding. I am truly grateful for Dhyan’s great work, she is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend working with her.” ~ EW 2015
“I had a brilliant deep healing session with Dhyan. I felt her loving presence as soon as we connected via Skype and I felt very much at ease. She helped me gently release some emotions, memories and she helped me to reconnect with my heart centre. I would definitely recommend Dhyan’s services to anyone that needs help to reconnect with their spiritual self and deal with releasing deep-seated issues.” ~ BJC 2015
“Dhyan is amazing. Made me feel really comfortable the first time we skyped. I didn’t even know what I wanted to talk to Dhyan about, but I was just drawn to her. I had a beautiful, positive, eye opening experience with Dhyan and I will definitely keep having my skype calls with her.”
Sarah M 2015
” Thank you for your meditations and love you really make a difference to peoples lives” ~ Judith U – Retired 2015
” I saw Dhyan for some healing a few months ago she gave me a feeling of such positivity that has lasted and a whole new outlook on my life. Just you being you is an inspiration to me.” ~ Anna B – Teacher 2015
” I have received a number of therapies from Dhyan now, including Aromatherapy massage, Reiki and Reflexology. Dhyan has a great knowledge of her practise but what sets her apart from other therapists is her natural “gift of intuition” which has amazed me on more than one occasion. I found myself saying ‘How on earth did you know that? Dhyan has a very calming aura and gentle approach to her work and clearly has a purpose to genuinely help and heal those that she comes into contact with. I have recommended Dhyan’s work to a number of my friends.”
LG 2013


” Dhyan helped me a great deal to channel my healing energies and move on with my life, following life trauma. I believe that due to her thorough, caring and yet professional service I was abe to move forward to the position of harmony and strength that I now have.” ~ Mathew LD 2012 – IT consultant 

” Dhyan is a highly intuitive individual and a wonderful healer.  I would recommend Dhyan to any person or company that requires a professional company/person to stress manage their staff and who can build relationships with integrity and confidentiality.” ~ Sharon M 2011 – Therapist


These meetings with Dhyan are an oportunity for you to really meet your Self. Swadhyaya means to share readings about the higher Self. Swadhyaya can assit anyone on their journey to Self realisation and awakening. In these gatherings you can truly be your self and relax into a deep space of Peace, Presence and Love.

Things that can be experienced through Swadhyaya : 

❤️A deeper understanding of your true nature
❤️A sudden and profound Awakening
❤️Emotional release
❤️A deep sense of Peace
❤️An awareness of Unity conciousness

Dhyan will also be giving Darshan at these meetings. Darshan is a Blessing from the divine source, a transmission of Love, Light and Grace from one heart to another. Darshan is traditionally given in Silence. Darshan is very personal, each person will recieve exactly what they need in the moment.

Things that can be experinced through Darshan are :

❤️Deep healing
❤️Lasting Bliss and joyfulness
❤️A release from anxiety and stress
❤️A profound sense of Peace
❤️Improved relationships
❤️Awakening to your true nature
❤️A release from Karma

We all represent the future of humanity; each one of us has our unique and individual part to play, in this vast and beautiful universe. We are all facing many challenges and crises in the world right now and there has never been a better time for a consciousness shift.

This shift is happening now – a wave of LOVE and change, a wave of Grace is finding it’s way into the hearts and minds of those that are open to it. This Grace is creating the most beautiful world we have ever had. 

The evolution of humanity is to realise our inner divinity and embody that at a cellular level, only then can the world begin to heal.
All attempts to fix anything outside ourselves whilst viewing ourselves as the small self and separate will be futile.
Now is the time to discover the truth of who we are, on a global scale. It’s time to wake up.
The survival of Humanity requires you to wake up, this is the birth of a new earth. Give your attention to the awareness of your being. Moment to moment.
Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by outside conditions or societies norms. ” It is no mark of sanity to be sane in an insane world.” Realise your true freedom, look for what doesn’t come or go and give your attention, your awareness to this.
Your awakening is the greatest gift to humanity, your awakening lights the flame in the hearts of those around you. Seek the kingdom of God within and then only then can the world be transformed. Then the world becomes a holy place, a heaven.
Make this your priority. You are a cell in the heavenly body of humanity and as you realise your enlightened state the “others” will begin to realise theirs. We are divine mirrors for each other.

To be completely present in the moment is to live in total awareness, and in totality. To be at peace with whatever is happening now, is to be free from the suffering of the mind. 

Our well-being is the most crucial aspect to the survival of the planet and the future of the human race. We have reached a time of imminent shift and now we need to unfold the magnificence of who we are, by empowering each other to make a difference. 

We are all connected, our bodies are made from the stardust of the universe, we live and breathe together, the trees are our lungs and we are constantly exchanging the molecules of our bodies with each other. We are not separate from each other and any seeming separation is an illusion of the mind.

We need to work together and understand our oneness, our unity, our infinite nature. Through my passion to help others and working with amazing people I have created a group which brings like minded individuals together to inspire each other, work together, encourage each other and empower each other.

It is a beautiful Global Network of Light. Infinite Love Dhyan Ji

P.S. You are Amazing!