A full Weekend of Spiritual Inspiration and Well-being.

Nantwich Civic Hall, Beam Street, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5DG

Dates for your Diary: 28th & 29th October 2023, 10am – 5.30pm, Workshops finish at 5.30pm
Parking: Car park at the back of the venue. Sundays Free Parking

This event is inspired by my deep sense of knowing as a child that I would particiapate in the creation of a Utopian society. It is also a dedication to my service to others, whilst supporting the elevation of the vibration of this planet. Creating a safe, peaceful and healing space for everyone who attends. 

I have gathered togther some very inspiring and beautiful people who I believe are full of integrity and simultainiously helping to make a difference in peoples lives, whilst conciously raising the planetary vibration. I am dedicating this weekend to Truth, Love, Awakening and Peace for all. 

There is an amazing aray of Speakers, Readers, Healers, Kirtan and Music, Complementary Therapy, Darshan, Reiki,Chi Kung, Meditation, Quantum Regression, Angel Healing, Astral Travel, Healy and more. Create your own sacred home and space with: Incense, Shamainc gifts, Nazar, Natural Crystals, including Moldavite, Tarot cards, Runes, Jewellery, Books, Indian Scarves and Sarongs, Literature, Clothing, Angels gifts, Full Power Cacao, Aromatherapy and much more.

You can Book a reading with one of the readers and Book a healing sessions with the healers

ENTRANCE: £10 ON THE DOOR Saturday or Sunday



Non Refundable Payments go to: Elevate Your Mind Ltd. Sort code 04 – 00 – 04  Account No. 619 42 409  Reference: EYM OCT 23

For Exhibiting at these events please contact the organizer Dhyan Ji at [email protected]



Todd Acamesis

Clara Apollo

Stephanie J King

Dhyan Ji

Carole Latham

Sas Bullock

Rachel Elnaugh

Full Power Cacao

Marianne White

Will Austin

Richard Odams

Julie Critchley

Diana M Joice

Katy & Amy Knowles

June Meagher

Sonia Roberts

Laura Campbell

Friend Studios

Shaz Marie

Andrew Harby

Sonka Braunova

Nintu Sentu

Full Circle Podcast

Beverley Ann Freeman

Tracey Hale

Susan Bailey


Debra Jones




















Sacred, divine, love

Dhyan Ji was guided by God through her meditation to set up a Spiritual group and in August 2012 BE_YIN was born. Through her meetings Dhyan shares her love of meditation and her presence. Over the last almost 5 years she has connected many hundreds of people together through a global network of light. Her groups are life changing for those that attend them. 

On May the 27th 2013 Dhyan experienced a second sudden awakening and a total shift in her perception, that lead to an understanding of the non-duality of life and the illusion behind the suffering of the mind. The realisation that I am no thing and every thing was embodied. Dhyan experienced this as a complete rebirth. The slate on which her self identity had been built was wiped clean and made way for a new beginning. Dhyan was awakened in the dream of life. She became One with everything. This became her a stabilised state of being and she would begin to see her Self as the Self in everyone and everything. 

” Since attending Darshan and being in the presence of Dhyan my life has transformed and is still transforming in front of my eyes. Most of my attachments in the world have dissolved, there is a feeling of Divine peace and eternal Love in me that embraces me all the time and looks after me, there is a full trust now in life knowing that life is abundant and beautiful.”

Mathew Smith 

“Dhyan is so patient, she opened doors within my heart to find my true self and soul connection to all that is. Pure bliss,  Dhyan is an amazing healer, way shower, Inspirational lady and I fully recommend her to anyone seeking her wisdom and guidance.”

Kim Paula ~ Author 

“ The thing I like about Dhyan is that she is real and gives you full attention if you choose to have a 1 to 1 session with her. She is a good listener and whatever you choose to say to her, she will then take you on a journey to help you (a) with whatever you’re facing and (b) in your awakening and becoming focused in the NOW. I was taken on a journey where I connected with people from my past and present, and it was very helpful. I would definitely recommend a session with Dhyan if you are committed to discovering who you really are.”


Andy Bowker 

” She is absolutely guided in the healing she shares with people and it was nothing short of wonderful to spend time with her. She was able to tune into my energies perfectly and I received guidance, amazing awareness and messages from her that have been very important in my life. “

Faye Hartwell ~ Artist 

“ Thank you for your meditations and love you really make a difference to peoples lives”


Judith U ~ Reiki Practicioner 

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” Dhyan is amazing. Made me feel really comfortable the first time we skyped. I didn’t even know what I wanted to talk to Dhyan about, I was just drawn to her. I had a beautiful, positive, eye opening experience with Dhyan.”

Sarah Alexander Marks ~ Actor  


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” My first experience of Darshan with Dhyan was while I was staying in Arillas in Corfu where I had a deep spiritual experience. Afterwards my mind became void of chatter and it became completely quiet. For the following two days my experience was of complete awareness and bliss. I felt a deep connection with those around me and an inner peace. I continued to receive Darshan from Dhyan on a frequent basis, however one significant instance was when I was in the process of experiencing a rapid Kundalini awakening. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe and that my physical body was undergoing immense stress. It was during this healing with Dhyan that I released this blockage and I let go of my emotions and just allowed whatever needed to come up to just be. I felt fully supported through this process. ” 

Karen McCabe ~ Healer and Teacher

Love is What you are, Celebrate it

Elevate your Love