Elevate Your Mind


The Elevate Your Mind Festivals and Conferences are a unique experience bringing you the very best in awakening and elevated minds, together from around the world.

An Advocate for Potential

Dhyan shares her natural state of Presence though her Online and in person Darshan, Meditation, Retreats, Events, Groups and sharings. Be part of a beautiful growing Global Community of amazing people, committed to living and being their highest truth and potential.

Dhyan is not interested in followers, she is only interested in your freedom.


Your Love

” Since attending Darshan and being in the presence of Dhyan my life has transformed and is still transforming in front of my eyes. ”

Mathew Smith

”Dhyan is so patient, she opened doors within my heart to find my true self and soul connection to all that is. ”

Kim Paula ~ Author

” Thank you for your meditations and love you really make a difference to peoples lives ”

Judith U ~ Reiki Practicioner


Your Mind

The Elevate Your Mind Conference delivers a unique experience. We help you tap into your infinite enlightenment & personal transformation into the authentic you.