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Dhyan Ji


“ Dhyan’s Youtube channel has been a beacon of light in my life, she has shown me that we can live our life free, open to life and at one with my spirituality. Dhyan made me change my life for the better, I wasn't always a good person, but because of her I changed my path, my energy and my whole outlook on life. “

Mike Dunn ~ Artist  


“ I had a session with Dhyan and I have to say it was one of the most beautifully peaceful, present and heartfelt sessions. She has a way of helping you to awaken to realizations you may already know deep down, but brings them out in such a way that is truly magical. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their soul awaken to the beauty that lies within.. such a wonderful experience! Thank you Dhyan. “


Jewels F 

" Dhyan is full of love and integrity. Her guidance has helped me through my journey and I am honoured to know her! "

Leon Stuprich ~ Film Director " Road to Peace. " 

“ Dhyan, how do I thank you? During my Darshan I released and then received exactly what I needed in that moment. I can not thank you enough for guiding me towards the truth! I still cannot find the words to describe the experience and transformation I went through and am still going through right now. It was an honour to meet your physical and non physical being and be in your presence. My soul appreciates you unconditionally. “


Nikita J Campbell ~ Forest Feet Forest School

"I can’t recommend Dhyan enough, in Dhyan I found someone who I know I can trust and love unconditionally and receive it back in abundance. My personal path has been very traumatic, but with Dhyan’s guidance I found myself opening my very solid barriers to the option of love. Dhyan listened to me, without judgement and she was able to completely calm my mind in my hour of need. I hope my words encourage others to approach Dhyan, she will change your life."

Ross Walker 

“ After reading about Dhyan Ji and her work .I arranged to visit her. Dhyan Ji was welcoming and embodied love,understanding and true compassion. She was able to offer guidance that helped lead me to a feeling of stillness and deep peace. The experience has helped nourish, energise and encourage me along the spiritual path. “


Dene Donalds ~ Buddhist Monk and Spiritual Teacher 

“ Dhyan ji has been and continues to be a divine support, a guru of wisdom and a presence who I trust completely during times of needed guidance to point me back to the source of serenity, sacredness, love, joy, peace and Harmony as ones own Self. Eternal gratitude for bringing this light and grace into being.
Timeless love, thank you Dhyan Ji. “


Sam Friend ~ Photographer & Graphic Designer 

" Dhyan facilitates a deep inner inquiry. We sat in a sacred circle by candle light, in a peaceful space. Yes tears were shed, tears of sadness and joy. Dhyan needs to reach more people, so many more can experience this deep inner inquiry and release of emotions that no longer serve us. Dhyan thank you from the centre of my heart and soul for helping me Awaken, Awaken to Love. "


Dawn DeVivre MBE ~ Motivational Speaker 

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